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What is ITI?

Impact Through Inspiration is our annual Ideathon-style event that aims to empower creative and passionate youths to come up with innovative solutions to address current social issues.


We offer a short, intensive, workshop-like experience for participants to gain substantial insights into the theme. Participants work in teams and use design-thinking and innovative learning practices to ideate and collaborate on possible solutions.

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Past Events

ITI 2023

ITI AY22/23 returns with a fresh and impactful problem statement: “How might we facilitate the integration of Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) into the workplace?”

Our participants embarked on an engaging journey through an amazing race, workshops, and insightful panel discussions to equip them with the knowledge and understanding necessary to propose innovative solutions for addressing the unique challenges faced by Persons with Disabilities.

ITI 2021

In AY20/21, our problem statement was “How would your team encourage the community to ensure social inclusion of elderly in Singapore in today’s new normal?”


The COVID-19 pandemic has severely altered the way we interact, often turning to online means. With social distancing measures in place, seniors lack much-needed social interaction and physical activity which could have major negative impacts on their mental and physical health.


Thus, it is imperative that we find safe ways to include seniors in our community without compromising on overall public health and safety in today’s climate.

Fireside Chat
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FA - Networking
Exergaming Workshop
Impact Fundraising Workshop
Comm Skills Workshop


$700 Cash Prize

for the Winning Team


$500 Cash Prize

for the 1st Runner Up


$300 Cash Prize

for the 2nd Runner Up

PRIZES FOR iti 2021


ITI 2020

In AY19/20, our theme was on environmental sustainability, specifically waste management, calling for participants to solve the problem statement: “How can we reduce waste generation in Singapore to extend Pulau Semakau’s lifespan?”


Through various fringe activities and workshops, participants gained relevant skills and knowledge to come up with their most innovative solutions!

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