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30 January - 2 February 2023 

Ignite. Inspire. Initiate.

SIW2023’s theme is “Ignite. Inspire. Initiate.”, focused on igniting the passion of students like us and inspiring us to spread love, care and concern through volunteerism. SIW also provides a platform to initiate by taking action and start volunteering through various opportunities.


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30 January - 2 February 2023, 10am - 5pm

Visit our physical carnival and explore over 30 booths to learn more about the social impact and causes supported by partner organisations, NTU CCAs and NTU Welfare Services Club portfolios!


Stop by our physical booths at AIA Canopy @ North Spine on 30 & 31 January and Sky Deck @ North Spine on 1 & 2 February for some fun carnival games while shopping for a momento to represent the start of your volunteering journey! From handmade items to T-shirts! There is definitely something for everyone!

Happening between 11am to 2pm on 30 & 31 January 2023 at AIA Canopy @ North Spine! (Click to see their stage names!)

Check out the lineup of our stage performances

information on lucky draw chances:

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1 & 2 February 2023, 12pm - 6PM

Enjoy solving puzzles? Feeling adventurous and up for a challenge?


Gather your friends to embark on an exciting adventure. Put your escape room skills to the test with your friends by signing up to form a team of 4 and take up the challenge! If you are fast enough, you get to walk away with exciting prizes!

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Sneak peeks from previous year's escape room


Envision yourselves getting trapped in a collapsed building with limited vision. Can you and your friends escape?

Time: 12pm to 6pm

Venue: NS TR22, 23


Spread awareness about animal conservation through an interactive escape room! Sign up with your friends now!

Time: 12pm to 6pm

Venue: NS TR6, TR32

Ignite your spark!

1 & 2 February 2023, 5pm - 7pm 

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Interested in the volunteering scene in Singapore? Interested to find out more?

Join us at Global Lounge or tune into our YouTube livestream from 5pm onwards to find out more from existing volunteers across different social causes! Listen and network with our youth panelists on 1 February and expert panelists on 2 February!

Check out our lineup of youth panelists

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Facilitator Peh Jia Ying Community Chest (3).png

Check out our lineup of expert panelists

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30 january - 2 february 2023, 10am - 5pm

Not sure where to start your volunteering journey or want to start a career in the social service sector? Visit our internship corner at Sky Deck @ North Spine to browse through the opportunities offered by various organisations!

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Social impact INternship Stipend

Are you interested to explore a meaningful career (at a social service agency or a social enterprise) that creates social impact and shared values, while gaining real-world experiences? 

You can do it in three simple steps:

Seek -  Self-source or visit the CAO Internship Portal

Secure - Attain a full-time internship that is at least 8 weeks long

Apply - Submit your SIIS application at least 6 weeks before the internship begins

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Volunteering Opportunities

30 January - 2 Februry 2023, 10am - 5pm 

Start your volunteering journey today with a social cause that you are passionate about!


Visit our carnival booths to learn more about the various volunteering opportunities available! One-time volunteering opportunities are also available!

NTU Service Week

NTU Service Week is a week-long event from 25 February to 4 March 2023 that galvanises NTU’s wider community to give back to society through volunteerism. It features service initiatives organised by students, alumni, faculty and staff in collaboration with community partners.

The generosity of volunteering your time can make a world of difference to someone. Join us in this movement of bringing good to others. Through the collective action of the OneNTU community, we can make a greater impact towards society.

Be part of ntu Service week


Check back for more details!


30 january - 2 february 2023, 10aM - 5PM

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Human Wildlife Co-existence

Get to know our campus’s wildlife friends and learn more about how we can all coexist peacefully through proper wildlife etiquette! Play games and win prizes to do the right thing when encountering our wildlife. Find out more about efforts on campus to help coexist with our wildlife, including grounded bats, birds and otters!

Read More

NTreeU Learning Vision Tree-Planting Booth

Learn more about our campus trees, as well as how campus reforestation benefits NTU's wildlife and human communities! Test your newfound knowledge about trees with our special envelope quiz, and stand to win specially curated prizes! Lastly, find out how NTreeU plans to plant 100 trees on campus, and sign up for the green cause!

Read More
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30 january - 2 february 2023, 10am - 5pm

Try your hands at our blood donation quiz, do some hands-on first aid, and make DIY keychains & appreciation cards for our migrant brothers! Join us at our booth to learn more about what we do and stand a chance to win some prizes



30 january - 2 february 2023, 10AM - 5PM

At their booth, explore existing animal conservation initiatives and find out how you can contribute! Uncover clues and solve riddles together with your friends at their PHYSICAL escape room to win yourselves some exciting prizes!



30 january - 2 feburary 2023, 10AM - 5PM

What does the "Y" in "Uni-Y" stand for? Come down to the booth today to find out what Uni-Y does, and stand a chance to win exclusive prices as you participate in the activities!


Conjunct consulting x ewb ntu

30 january - 2 feburary 2023, 10AM - 5PM

Learn more about how we design solutions for our humanitarian causes and share your own ideas for social good! If you have an idea but don't know where to begin, have a chat with our consulting members. Collect a sticker design when you participate in our booth activities. See you there!

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30 january - 2 feburary 2023, 10AM - 5PM

Discussing Disability by WKWSCI

Come catch glimpse of our booth, featuring stories of students with disabilities. Together, let's debunk misconceptions about People with Disabilities (PwDs) and learn about campus efforts to create an inclusive learning environment for students!



30 january - 2 feburary 2023, 10AM - 5PM

Come visit UNSA's booth to learn more about migrant workers in Singapore and refugee children from El Shaddai! Participate in our fun trivia quizzes, learn more about volunteering opportunities in our club and what you (!) can do!

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Social impact catalyst

30 january - 2 feburary 2023, 10AM - 5PM

For those who are interested in social entrepreneurship, gain knowledge about the sustainability model of business and network with the most successful entrepreneurs in the field!

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